Friday, March 7, 2014


I had a dream this morning which I would like to share briefly.

I was going about my daily business, transportation, meetings etc. I was in a building and walked out on to the balcony with some other people. I heard a sound, it wasn't too loud and I knew it was the rapture. I looked up and the sky was very blue and bright. I saw people already all over the sky. I wondered about myself and then I too began to ascend with a couple of others around me.

But then after a while I realized I was no longer going up vertically. Rather I floated into someone's house far away. I asked what I was doing here and a voice told me I needed to let them know they had to repent and (the voice said something else about the rapture which I cannot recall now).

From there I was floating into other houses and warning them about the rapture. The most surprising thing to me was that a lot of those people were Christians and I would wonder within my heart... "so this person too did not make the rapture."

At the end and after warning a number of people to repent, I tried by all means to fly up into the sky by myself but couldn't. Initially, I was worried but the last thing that came to my mind was "This must be a revelation". And I woke up.

Beloved. I strongly believe the end is closer than we think. Let's watch, pray and tell others. Jesus is coming soon. Maranatha!

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