Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Do not let impossibilities intimidate you

And with God nothing shall be impossible Luke 1: 37.

I believe the tense of this quote is deliberate. It is a word for those who believe that the era of the miraculous ended with the bible days. But this word gives us a reason to believe that today, tomorrow and all through my future, God can make impossibilities possible.

Are you faced with one?

The first step is to believe. Where you have lost hope, turn this simple verse over in your mind a million times. Next is to give God our attention. This generation is so distracted, its unbelievable. Evidence has shown that those who receive miracles are those who take the time to look towards him. Maybe that is another reason why we don't see the much of the miraculous today; many of us are too busy.

God is real and His power is real for you; even today!

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Adejuwon said...

That's right.
This simply strenghtens my resolve in believing that someday somehow, the New Nigeria will emerge and the children of God will be at the fore front heralding it.
Please how can I get in touch with Mrs. Dupe Olorunjo, my youth fellowship, Legacy Youth fellowship of the LATTER RAIN ASSEMBLY wishes to invite her to a public debate we have coming up in March titled BARACK OBAMA: CAN IT HAPPEN IN NIGERIA?
Kindly afford me with her contact.