Monday, May 28, 2007

What's your Networth

Luke 12:15
And Jesus said… “Take heed and beware of covetousness, for one’s life does not consist in the abundance of the things he possesses

I read this yesterday evening and almost did a double take. If I wasn’t sure this was a direct word from Jesus’ lips I would have glossed it over and turned to the next page. Rather, I kept my finger on that page, closed the bible and stepped into thought land.

I would have thought otherwise, a person’s life does seem to consist of the things we have.

Don’t we wake up in the morning, with one thought in our heads of how we are going to make more money; build a new house; buy that classy car or get that new job? And once we achieve that level don’t we begin to desire the next salary raise, a better car, a larger house, the latest mobile phone. Don’t we respect those who display abundance of wealth without any regard for how they made it? Don’t we cut down on church fellowship and daily bible study because our work demands more of our attention? Don’t Christians sometimes lie, cheat and stab a close friend for the sake of some more ‘possessions’.

This is underscored by the story of a young man who decided to leave his lucrative joy and follow God’s clear leading into full-time Ministry. His Mother could not shed enough tears. She felt that in spite of her prayers her husband’s family had finally gotten through to her son’s star!
The way we go about it, it does seem that the more we possess, the more life we have. The more money the more power; and power can be sweet..

If the value of our lives is not based on the things we possess as Jesus said, then what should our daily priorities be? Should we take another look at how to calculate our networth?

What do you, think? I'll like to hear your views

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