Monday, July 9, 2007

Imitating God

Ephesians 5:1 – Therefore be imitators of God as dear children.

We discussed this tall order of a scripture in teen’s church yesterday.

‘How can a mere man imitate God?’ was the question on everyone’s lips “He’s too Holy, Powerful, Glorious …”

But eventually we settled down to decode the scripture

1) First it is a commandment so it is possible. God will not command you to do something you cannot do…

2) “Dear Children” is at the end of the verse for a reason. We are called to walk in His steps just as a child does with the parents. True children don’t balk at being like their parents!

3) We have never seen him so how can we be like Him?” someone asked…. The answer is that he has revealed himself to us through
· The Bible
· What we have heard about him and
· Jesus …
4) “But we haven’t seen Jesus…,” someone else was quick to ask. “But we have read about him and we have full details of how he lived,” someone else was quick to answer.

5) And More importantly we have the Holy Spirit of God who is willing to live in us and – ; reveal God’s will, guide us into all truth and help us to live right.

6) The Christians in Antioch are a good example: They were so much like Jesus that they were called Christ-ians

Our Conclusion: We can pursue this commandment and live for God alone on a daily basis. We cannot do it by our strength alone, we depend on Him and the one who gave the commandment will also make it possible.

Stay Blessed


laspapi said...

Inspiring blog...

Christian Writer said...

Hello Dupe. Just to let you know that I popped by and really enjoyed reading your blog.

Dupe said...

Starting a new blog isn't always easy. Thanks Bidemi for your words of encouragement.