Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Want a Promotion?

If you want true promotion; I mean the kind that will assist you to fulfil your God given dreams/ Vision, then it can only come from God.

For Promotion comes not from the East nor from the West nor from the south. But God is the judge, He puts down one and exalts another. Ps 75: 6-7.

Many of us look to men - a friend, a boss, a Godfather for promotion. But I heard something recently that changed my view on this.

Hardly will you find a person who will promote you above himself. Therefore If you put all your trust in a person, then you have just placed a natural limitation on how far you can go.

God can take a man from the dungeon of nothingness to the limelight of glory. I remember now that my very first profitable job was by divine intervention. On resumption, someone was quick to tell me about one of the women on the interview panel who fought everyone else and insisted i be employed. This was at a time when you couldn't get a job in that company unless you had a Godfather or Godmother!

Have a blessed day!

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