Thursday, October 18, 2007


The 40 year old man was quite comfortable in his position. It was no longer a big deal that he was lame and he was no longer ashamed that he was a beggar. He no longer flinched when he sat in the sun and his complexion became increasingly darkened by the day. The heavier the rain, the better because it made up for the times when his people were too busy to help him with a bath.

His finances were improving by the day. Everyone knew God’s commandment to give to the poor. Everyone knew he was a genuine cripple not like some other frauds who pretended they were blind but were somehow able to burst into a sprint whenever there was a riot. His income was good; enough to support his wife’s earnings from her petty trading and enough to take care of their children.

Today, the sun was kind to him. Probably because it was the Sabbath, when men showed their pious side and maybe had greater access to God’s mercy.

He took up his position beside the beautiful gate and as expected the coins began to drop into his plate. He looked up and saw two men walk towards him. What grace, What elegance. There was something different about them. He stared but couldn’t place what it was. Well, all he needed was their money, so he donned his most pitiable voice, “Please, have pity on a poor needy man like me….

He expected Peter to put his hand into his pocket but rather Peter gave a command … “Look at us.” That sounded strange but he gave them his whole attention.

Hear Peter in Acts 3: 6, “Silver and Gold, I have not, but what I have I will give to you, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk…”

The rest is history; the lame man walked. His life could no longer remain the same.

The lame man expected money but received what money can never buy. He wanted a few coins but needed a miracle. He got one.

May we pray that God should daily lead us to find what we need and what will make a difference to our lives

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Bro. Tee said...

I say amen to this. Thanks for telling this old story in a way that makes one pause to consider the weight of the issues discussed in those verses of the scripture.
I am blessed. Thanks for sharing.

For the information you requested, I am an administrative staff in an indigenous company east of the Niger.
If you need more information, I will be willing to share, but it has to be via email.
I subscribed to your feed so you already have my email.
Remain blessed. And please keep posting. Lives are being touched.
Halleluyah!!! "repete".