Tuesday, November 13, 2007


To say I was stunned when I heard the news of Paula White and Randy White’s pending divorce is a gross understatement.

I know Paula’s story. I have seen her as a role model to many and I have adopted her as one of mine. I respect the way she rose above a limiting background to make something out of her life. I appreciate the way she preaches with power and as I watch her, I look out for tips on how to touch people’s lives with passion. Her words touch me and cause me to pause, reflect and desire a change from the old.

She overcame a rough childhood and today dedicates her life to helping others be all that they can become in God. She call herself a life coach(Who would have dreamed that this self-proclaimed "messed-up Mississippi girl" would become one of the world's "mid-wife to dreams"?)

She seemed to have such a happy settled marriage. Once she preached about the husband being the head of the wife. She led him to the stage that day and ducked beside him making it clear that being the head is not to intimidate or Lord it over the wife but to act as a cover.

I have searched my heart again and it would help to know what could have gone wrong; what could not be resolved. Why a divorce???

Paula is not God, but many have seen God through her. And that is scriptural because God has called us to be a light. One of the things that light does is to make us see clearly. God wants us to live our lives so that people around us can have a better view of Him.

As I ponder I realize it cannot be easy to be a leader in the church, as Paula is; a head and shoulder above the rest, an easier target for the enemy.

We are still human and yet spiritual. How do we overcome the wars that face us daily?

I remember the times I enter into the church with a heavy burden on my heart. I feel I need help but the moment people walk up to me and ask for help or counsel, I put my burdens aside, don a smile, listen and try to guide them to a solution. There is a temptation not to let people see when you are hurting.

I wonder how many people do this. Could that be Paula and Randy’s problem? Scandals in Christianity don’t develop in a day. It takes moments of pretending that everything is okay when it is not; pretending that you know all the answers when you don’t; pretending that you are not tempted when you are.

My husband often says, “A person who refuses to expose a wound so it can be treated but rather covers it up, is looking for infection.”

I have learnt from all this that we need to deal with the issues we face as Christians or else one day it will explode in our face and the effect may just be like rubbish hitting a turning fan. When we need help let's cry to God and not pretend.

Mark 10:47-52; And when Blind Bartimeus heard that it was Jesus passing by, he cried out "Jesus, son of David have mercy on me... and he recieved his sight.

May God help us!!

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Bro. Tee said...

Sister, You're right. Marital problems don't just happen in a day. They are truly wounds covered up instead of being treated and when deadly infections set in, death is sure to follow.
Often, I get worried about the temptation that faces a Christian leader. The followers believe the leader has no personal problem and he is expected to act so.
Pastor Adeboye in one of his article in 2007 edition of OPEN HEAVENS pointed out that when the Israelites offended God, Moses was there to pray and beg God for forgiveness. But when Moses sinned, nobody was there to help him beg God.
In our generation, we do worse than the Israelites, we judge and afflict our wounded leaders. We call them names and spread the news of their fall. It is unfortunate. I pray that the Lord will have mercy on this couple and rescue them. I also, pray that their mistake will serve as a lesson for those of us coming behind.
Thanks for sharing your thought on this issue. Shalom