Thursday, November 15, 2007


When you need a miracle, have you sometimes wondered how God will do it? Does your inability to see the how, dampen your hope and your faith?

The ‘how’ of a miracle belongs to God alone! God is eternally creative and is never limited by the how. He is able to come up with the right way, every single time; even sometimes beating his own records.

Yesterday, at evening service I learnt something new.

When the Israelites needed to cross the red sea urgently, God parted it – absolutely amazing and mind boggling.

When they wanted to move into Canaan through the Jordan, He asked the priests to stand in the waters on the shore and it parted again.
At another time Elijah struck the waters with his mantle and by the power of God it parted. Elisha didn’t think twice before he did the same thing.
In the old testament parting the waters soon became, no longer unusual.

One day many years later, Jesus wanted to join his disciples in the boat when they had left him behind. A narrow mind would have thought that His only option was to part the sea again; but that wouldn’t work this time because the disciples in the boat would have experienced some upheaval.

So Jesus did something new; - he walked on the water - and after numerous strides He caught up with them. He easily did something a bit more creative to solve the challenge at hand.

God’s power and ways are unlimited. Maybe if we start by having a bit more faith in his creativity, we could experience more of His power in our generation.

Don’t ask God how; just ask in line with His will and believe...

Romans 11:33 O! The depths of the riches both of the wisdom and the knowledge of God. How unsearchable are His judgments and His ways past finding out.


Bola said...

Sometimes we asked God for something and thereafter begin to wonder how possible it is to get it,forgetting that our God is a God of uncommon blessings and favour.I have done it a number of times,and i still pray that God give me total trust in his ability and faith that goes beyond human understanding at all times.
Thanks for this message and for the visit to my blog.I love the name Nuggets of Gold.

Peace and Love.

Bro. Tee said...

I'm guilty of this. Yes, often trying to figure out how God will bring the answer to come to pass. When there seems to be no logical solution, then faith begins to disappear. But I am praying that the Lord will deliver me from this foolishness.
Often we do not admit that this is what we are doing. We simply refuse to pray about issues that we can't figure out how the answer will come. Yes that is the trick. We feel it is needly praying about it, because it is IMPOSSIBLE! Forgetting that our Father specialise on doing the IMPOSSIBLES.

Thanks for sharing.