Thursday, March 13, 2008


There is the fable about a village where the men decided they had no choice but to destroy a stealthy fox that was wreaking havoc on them, killing their children and maiming their hunters.

No one could face up to the animal directly so they decided to set a trap to make it self-destruct.

The next evening, the fox came out of its hiding place in search for blood. As it crept across the snowy street, looking for a prey, it picked up the scent of blood and soon found the exact spot. With its pulse racing with excitement, the fox frantically dug beneath the snow with its paws.

Without pausing to think that there could be any danger associated with its discovery of a shiny metal covered in fresh blood, the fox began to lick at the blood. The fox couldn’t get enough and soon the razor sharp knife left deep lacerations on its tongue. The ice numbed its tongue and numbed the pain. Even though Mr. Fox was by now swallowing its own blood, it was too late to stop. As the fox got weaker and weaker it lay down in seeming ecstasy, not realizing that it was submitting to death.

A gory story no doubt, but full of lessons.

There is a tendency for people to loose their common sense in the face of godless passions, especially when they think no one can see.

Godless passion – Something a person craves, loves and enjoys but which can destroy the person (according to nuggets of gold dictionary)

The truth is that godless passions are a weakness and a trap for a future fall. They should be treated in the same way that one treats the weakness that comes from sickness and disease. For example, the sense of sickness drives even the strongest person to God in prayer or scrambling to the doctor for an examination.

Why is spiritual sickness, - adultery, prostitution, drug use, uncontrolled anger, etc., treated differently?

Things could have turned out differently for The Governor of New York - Spitzer. He could have seen a counselor about his strange desires; he could have discussed his secret passions with his wife, it seems she does care for him, the way she has stood solidly beside him through the trauma of the last few days. He could have cried to God for help, but he didn’t, because he craved and enjoyed his peculiar godless passion.

But then a big question - How could a person condemn so publicly and with such vigor; but then also habour similar vices in the corner of his heart.

That is the question many are throwing at the New York Governor, but then I wonder how many of those throwing these stones are doing so with a free conscience.

I wonder what secret godless passions we also enjoy, that have a stronghold on our will, which could make us loose those things that are dear to us – family, respect, careers.

Maybe it’s time to deal with them now….

2nd Samuel
5: So David’s anger was greatly aroused against the man, and he said to Nathan, “As surely as the Lord lives, the man who has done this shall surely die. …

7: Then Nathan said to David, - “You are the man,…

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naijaecash said...

Just a little sin. That's all it takes for the devil to destroy a man.
I quite agree with you that things might have turned out better if the former governor had shared his temptation as a prayer topic with his beloved wife.
Too often spouse hid little sins from their partner, yet when the down is cast, it is this same partner that are expected to stand by their side and keep them going through the turbulent time.
This is a lesson to all married people. If you are lusting, the best person to tell first is your spouse. You'll be surprise the kind of support you'll receive spiritually and physically.
Thanks for sharing with us your thought on this issue.