Monday, January 31, 2011

RCCG 2011 Fasting - Prayer Points

It is the time of the year again for the Annual 28-day time of prayer and fasting for - The Redeemed Christian Church of God. Let's be a part of this as we wait on the Lord and by our prayers move His hand to do great things in our lives, family, church and nation. Here are the prayer points and bible passages to guide you. But by no means restrict yourselves to these. 

Let's take time to read the daily bible passages, pray and see God move on our behalf. With God on your side - IT is well!!


1. DAY 1 Ps 100:-end.        Prayers of thanksgiving for G O, RCCG and you.
2. DAY 2 John 12:24           Pray that you will die to flesh. Pray for outpouring of the Holy Ghost.
3.DAY 3 John 15:1-5          Pray for Fruitfulness and Continual progress

4 .DAY 4 Gen 26:1-13        Pray for Divine direction and expansion
5. DAY 5 Is 45:1-3              Pray for Financial increase. Pray that you will subdue nations.
6. DAY 6 1Cor 16:9             Pray for Open doors. Pray that the Lord will put enemies to shame.
7. DAY 7 Acts 28:30-31     Lord, establish your church and increase our effectiveness.
8. DAY 8 Ps 41;1-2              Pray for more hunger for God.
9. DAY 9 Amos 9:11-12      Pray for restoration, enlargement of family.
10. DAY10 Ps 29:1-9          Lord, let my voice be heard. Oh Lord, let your voice be heard.
11. DAY 11 Ezek 37:1-10   Pray for Revival in our country and the nations of the world. Pray for dry bones to come alive.
12. DAY 12 Ps 24:3-4, Luke 1:38             Pray for clean hands & Holiness. Lord, not my will but your will be done Jesus
13. DAY 13 1Pet 2:24, Is 38:1-3   Uproot sickness. Pray for Healing in RCCG.
14. DAY 14 Gen 2:24, John 2:1-10           Pray for Renewed wine in marriages & release of new marriages.
15. DAY 15 1John 2:15-17, 2Tim 4:10     Intercede against the love of this world.
16. DAY 16 Ps 106: 2-3. Gen 18:23, Micah 7:18            Lord, have mercy on our Nation.
17. DAY 17 1Tim 2:1-2     Prayers for G O, Mummy G O and the executive council.
18. DAY 18 Acts 2:1-4, Gen 11:6 Pray for Unity, outpouring of the Holly Spirit in RCCG and our Nation.
19. DAY 19 1Tim 4:12        Lord, save our youth, make them exemplary.
20. DAY 20 2Tim 4:1-5     Lord, let there be fire on our pulpit again.
21. DAY 21 Is 43:18-19      Do something new in Solemn Assembly in Nigeria,
22. DAY 22 Ps 23:6, Ps 5:12         Pray for favour upon RCCG.
23 DAY 23. Ps 84:11, Ps 35:27     Pray for Provision for visions, Missions etc.
24. DAY 24 Rom 8:2, 11, Ex 23:25, 3 John 2      Quickening by the Holy Spirit; physical prosperity.
25. DAY 25 Ps 91:1-6, Num 23:23           Pray for Protection & come against all forms of attack.
26. DAY 26 1Cor 15:54, Rom 8:37, Deut 28:1    Victory, no more deaths. Lord, lift up our heads.
27. DAY 27 Job 5:26, Ps 91:16, John 10:10        Pray for Life and not death. Pray for full ages. Pray for salvation of souls.
28. DAY 28 Is 60:1-end                 Victory and prophetic Declarations.

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