Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Story of Kendy

KENDY  was a 28 year old, successful jolly good fellow who loved life and lived it to the full. He was already a full Manager at International Bank of Nigeria and his monthly salary of N550,000 supported quite a comfortable lifestyle.
He was a dedicated worker and his boss would often tell him, how the sky was the limit, if he continued to work hard.
On a typical day, he got to the office by 7.30. After a challenging morning, he would take a lunch break with his equally successful colleagues, at one of the quick service restaurants on the Lagos Island. One of the things he couldn’t compromise was good food. He often remembered his mother saying, “A bird can only fly with what it has eaten.”
After work, he would stop over, most days, at the Equitorial club, where he loved to mingle with fellow young upwardly mobile professionals and the cream of society. Everybody loved him and thought he was a perfect gentleman.
In a way, Kendy was a perfectionist. He wore the best clothes, designer perfumes and the furnishing in his home would make the pages of an international home magazine any day.

After years of using a second hand, Mercedes Benz 200 saloon, he was very glad that last month, he had finally been able to buy a brand new Navy blue Toyota Camry with alloy wheels. How he loved to cruise that car!

The only problem he had was with women. He had two steady girl friends, one in Lagos and one in the U.S.A. He also had about 4 other casual girlfriends. That was enough for any young man to handle, but more kept coming on to him. And he found it very difficult to resist them. Maybe if he got married they would leave him alone. Yes! That could be a good idea.

Mid Morning that day, Mike, a new member of staff walked up to him and asked for an appointment to discuss an important issue during lunch. He normally didn’t joke with his lunch, but agreed, because he thought the guy might have a problem and he may be able to help.
At lunchtime, Mike sat in front of him and started talking. ‘I’m new in this bank, but pardon me, I need to tell you something you need to know. It’s about Jesus Christ who died for your sins…”
Kendy groaned aloud and said, “Don’t tell me you want to preach to me. Is that why you prevented me from having my lunch? Excuse me but I have to go…”
“Kendy, don’t leave, just give me five minutes and then you can go…”
Kendy really didn’t want to be rude.“Okay, go on, but you have just five minutes”.
“Thank you. Kendy, you are young and successful but there is something that you still need – It is Salvation. Every man is born as a sinner and therefore separated from God. I want you to know that Jesus took your place and died for your sins to bridge that gap between you and God. If you accept this work of atonement, you can have a relationship with God and when you die, you will go to heaven and not to hell. My dear Kendy, you need to repent of your sin and start living a life that pleases God. I'm asking you to repent and invite Jesus into your life, he will help you live a holy life that will please Him.”

“You might be used to many pleasures, but nothing can be compared to the pleasure of being God’s friend.”

Kendy sighed. “Mike, many people have preached to me, but I think you preachers are too narrow minded. I believe in doing good, I don’t deliberately hurt anybody. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink. Maybe I am involved with too many women, but that is not my fault, it’s the women that God himself has created, that don’t let me rest.

“I'm a Christian, I just don’t believe in your fanatical view of being born again.” He smiled.
“Maybe by the time I get older, I will become more religious. But for now, I’m a young guy and this is the time to understand what life is all about. Thank you Mike, but now I really do have to go for lunch.”

“Look Kendy, the bible says that there is a way that seems right unto a man, but the end of that way is destruction. Why don’t you take time out to pray and let God show you what is the right way.”

Kendy stood up. “Let’s talk again next week, okay.” He left Mike sitting there and walked away.

The next morning, Kendy left home for work at his usual time - 6.30a.m. He had the habit of leaving early so that he could beat the morning traffic. The moment he got onto the expressway, he increased his speed to 120km/hr. “It’s only with new cars like this that one can speed and be sure there will not be any problems,” he thought. “This car is so cool,” he said aloud.

Suddenly and within a twinkle of an eye, a mad man casually walked onto the expressway and there was no way Kendy could stop. He swerved. His car hit the center barrier before somersaulting several times.

Other cars coming behind stopped to help. The Camry was mangled but they managed to bring him out. He was covered with blood.

“He’s still alive,” somebody said. “The seatbelt must have saved him,” said another.

At the hospital, Kendy was muttering as the doctors worked on him. Both of his legs were broken and there was a deep cut on his chest. He was losing blood from his injuries. 7 hours later, the doctors were happy that he stabilised. He was wheeled into intensive care but suddenly, he went into a coma. 

Kendy wondered what he was doing standing in this room. He looked around him and noticed a familiar person on the bed at the other corner of the room. He drew near and was shocked to see that it was himself. “Am I dead?” he wondered aloud. Two doctors and a nurse came in. From their conversation, he realised he wasn’t dead but in a coma. He moved closer and tried to get back into his body.

He was suddenly filled with a horrible fear, the hair on his head stood and his arms were covered with goose pimples. He turned round and saw a fearful being standing behind him. He screamed but the being, moved closer and said, “Don’t try to get back into that body. You belong to us now. We are only waiting for you to die, before we take you to hell. Come let me show you what your new home is like.”

The demon took his hand and suddenly, Kendy found himself in the darkest place ever. The place was filled with screams of terror, and flames of fire springing up in the most unexpected places. He ran toward what looked like a wall and leaned on it, gasping for breath.
“What on earth am I doing here?” he screamed. What he thought was a wall was really a towering demon. It turned round and held him by the throat. “How dare you lean on me?”

In the Hospital, the doctors were battling with Kendy; his heartbeat had suddenly become erratic. It looked like they might be losing him. They injected him with drugs to bring down his blood pressure.

Suddenly, Kendy found himself back in the hospital ward. He thought about trying to get back into his body, but remembered the warning of the demon; and he sure did not want it to come back. After a few hours, he decided to take a walk. Outside the ward, he saw his friends standing and talking amongst themselves. Mike was saying, “just yesterday I was telling him about the need to give his life to Jesus. How I wish he had listened. I hope he doesn’t die, and go to hell.”

Kendy wished too that he had listened. He walked away sadly, into another ward. A lady was dying and the doctors were trying to save her, but they couldn’t. She died. Kendy shook his head. “What a pity!”

But to his shock, the roof of the room opened up and two angels floated down. A brilliant light filled the room. The lady slowly stood up, and out of her body and the angels said, “Welcome, dear saint, let us take you to your Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.” Kendy looked up and saw the most glorious view ever, with other angels making a procession for her.

Kendy walked up to the angels and pleaded, “Please, I beg, take me too”. The angel looked him over. “We don’t know you. I can’t take you, because you do not belong to Jesus.”

They left and the room became dark again. “What am l going to do?” he moaned. He returned to his body and saw the doctor working on him again. “We are losing him!” one of them said.

“Don’t lose me” Kendy shouted. “Oh how I wish I had another chance.”

“We’ve lost him. He’s dead!” The nurse covered his face with the white bedspread.

“Jesus save me. I am ready for salvation now!” Kendy pleaded. His knees were knocking against each other in terror.

Immediately the demon was back. “Too late. You should have asked him to save you yesterday. Let’s go.” He grabbed him by the neck and within the twinkle of an eye, they soared up as it became darker and hotter. “Welcome to the place where you will spend your eternity.” (c) 2009


Jesus Saves said...

Thanks for presenting this basic truth in a graphical way. It drives the message home in a compelling way that only a fool will ignore this. Hell is real. Jesus Saves.


Oh, forgive me my sins. Thank You Lord for dying for my sake. I want to serve You Lord. Help me to serve You better. Amen.


Oh, forgive me my sins. Thank You Lord for dying for my sake. I want to serve You Lord. Help me to serve You better. Amen.