Saturday, February 19, 2011

God Still Saves From The Lion's Den

A couple of Sunday's back, a woman in her late thirties gave a testimony in church.  

On a particular public holiday, she decided to take her eight year old son to her shop in Lagos to enable her spend some quality time with him. She shared the day between fellowshipping with him and attending to her clients. Sometime in the afternoon however, she looked up and realised he wasn't in the shop. No cause for alarm, he was probably in one of the other shops closeby. 

But he wasn't. She searched and searched and by the end of the day had to go home without him. For the next three days, she almost became mad with worry and intense fear. He was her only child, how could she lose him. Visits to the hospital, police stations, relatives produced no results. 

On her way to the border to follow up on a lead, she received a call - her son had been kidnapped and would only be released on payment of a massive ransom. She felt as if her life was over. And so it seemed because after that there was no follow up call for the next 24 hours. 
She spent every moment praying. She reminded God that the name of her son was Daniel and requested that he use this opportunity to bring glory to His name by delivering her son from the Lion's Den. 

Shortly after she got another phone call asking her to come to a town several kilometres away     to take her son home. It wasn't until she got there that she heard the full story of God's deliverance. 

The kidnappers had taken her son from the shop and drugged him to keep him quiet. In the far away village they kept him in that drugged state away from prying eyes. One evening as the boy came out of the stupor they decided to let him be. At the same time the electricity went off and they sent a little girl in the village to buy them some candles. When she returned, she noticed the little boy crying and refusing to eat the food in front of him. She quickly went back home and told her Dad, a senior member of the village about what she had just seen. He promptly visited the kidnapper and lambasted him for bringing disgrace to their village. 

The woman couldn't praise God enough that day as she testified to God using PCN, an observant little girl and a determined elderly man to bring deliverance to her family. 

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Anonymous said...

Wonderfully beautiful story. Did it really happen? Of course, I know God still works wondrous miracles today. He's the same - yesterday, today and forever more.
May He alone be Praised forever and ever without end. Amen ! Lord may Your Kingdom reign come quickly. Amen !!