Tuesday, August 7, 2007

God Moves in Mysterious ways

Never ever limit God by your own wisdom or your idea of possibilities. This story told by the G.O of The Redeemed Christian church of God is funny and insightful.

Pastor Adeboye has known poverty and his stories are not complete until he mentions the fact that he wore his first pair of shoes when he was a teenager. Meanwhile, this story is about a day in which he was hungry and wanted to eat something nice for a change.

He decides to pray, “Lord, I am hungry and I have no good food to eat. I am tired of soaking Gari…Pls give me good food today.” He hung the prayer on the hook of faith.

Sometime in that village afternoon, a young girl walks into his home with a basket????

She greets him. “My mother asks me to bring this food to you sir.”

He wonders aloud. “Who is your mother?”

Mama Lagbaja.” She responds.

He is still perplexed. “Young girl, I do not know any Mama Lagbaja, you must be at the wrong place.”

“No sir. My mother asked me to bring the food here.” He argued with her for a while but when she insists, he backs off. It wasn’t unusual in the village for people to send food round when celebrating one great event of the other. “Put the food on the table and thank your mother for me, very well.”

Immediately she left, he remembered his prayer earlier in the day. “Thank you Lord,” he whispered. He drew the table close and examined the food. It was his favourite – Pounded yam with steaming hot Egusi soup and Bush meat. “God you are too good,” he murmured again. Within a short while he had savoured every morsel of the meal. He leaned back and soon he was fast asleep.

A knock on the door woke him. It was the same girl. She must have come back to collect the plates. But why the frown on her face….

“I made a mistake." the girl lamented. " The food was for someone else. My mother said I should come and collect it back.”

“Ah, my dear, that is a costly mistake. The food is no longer available. Please apologize to your mother…..

God works in mysterious ways! So don't limit Him!

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Bro. Tee said...

Sister, thanks for sharing this story. It has brighten my day.