Monday, December 3, 2007


Paul and his co-missionary Silas where arrested one day because they dared to rebuke an evil spirit in the course of sharing the good news of salvation. (Acts Chapter 16). As a result they were beaten, their clothes were torn and they were put in the inner prison with their feet bound in stocks.They were being punished for doing God’s work.
As they sat together waiting in chains, they had a number of options.
1) They could have complained to God about how He had forsaken them in the face of their obedience or about how they were receiving a poor reward for their pursuit of His will.
2) They could have cursed those that persecuted them and commanded them to become blind. And they might have been justified.

But rather they did something we will all find very strange…

They started singing songs of praise to God. They worshipped him from their heart. They probably told him that in spite of their trials, they did not doubt that He was still the Great and Mighty God, Great in counsel, mighty in deed. The other prisoners heard their songs and must have wondered what manner of man they were.
The next thing everyone knew was that there was a mighty earthquake. The foundations of the prison shook; the doors flung open and everyone’s chains were loosed.

That night Paul and Silas became free men.

What accounted for the earthquake and their miraculous deliverance. Psalm 22:3 gives us a clue. It says - God inhabits the Praises of His people.

Just take a moment to imagine…

They praised God! God heard and His heart was drawn to the love and faith they had in Him; so He came down and entered into the prison. The foundations shook because no building can contain God and remain the same.

His promise to inhabit our praises is all the solution we need because no problem can really stand in the face of our Almighty God.
This reminds me somewhat of Incredible Hulk and His clothes, if you know what I mean.)
God's presence in response to their praise, led to an earthquake and their freedom.

Wonderful story about how we need to keep our focus on God regardless of our trials and problems. In everything, let us give thanks. God is bigger than every problem we may be facing.


Oracle said...

Nice work you're doing here.
Thanx for the comment you dropped in my blog. "Behind the Curtain"
It left a message and very inspirational.

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BroTee said...

This is good food for thought. If I were the one in their position, I would at least have rained curses and abuse on the people that kept me in chains (that is if I managed to excuse God for being responsible).
But like you pointed out, what would such attitude have produced, definitely not the present of the Almighty.
I pray that when next we come to a red sea because we are trying to be obedient, we will remember Paul and Silas. I pray that I will remember to praise God sincerely until heaven hears and God visits.

Thanks for presenting this ageless lesson in a way that one is compelled to pause and think. Shalom

Bola said...

THis post remind me that in whatever situation I should give him praise bcos he knows more than i know about my life,he also sees more than i see,and there is nothing i am passing thru that he is not aware of.Thanks for this reminder,I am blessed.

Tayo said...

I so much love that passage especially the part "And at midnight, Paul and Silas prayed and sang praises ..." At midnight when most people would prefer to sleep, they praised. I pray that I'll have the strength to praise at those tough times when I don't feel like. Amen

Nuggets of Gold said...

@Tayo. You are very right. Midnight is also the turning point that brings a new day; it is the end of yesterday and it brings today. Even though it may still be dark a new dawn has begun. The moment we can see God in the midst of a storm, is the moment that heralds a breakthrough.

@Oracle - With God it is Well! Thanks for stopping by

@ Bola @Bro Tee. Thanks for adding to the message

Believer said...

Thanks for visiting my page. Loved this post..He is drawn to my praise and I know when He draws close to me, my life can never be the same. Remain blessed

Lara said...

Most of the binding and loosing may not be that necessary if we can do what Jehosaphat did when he was faced with the enemy - he praised God along with Isreal's army. God does inhabit the praises of his, if only we could remember that half of the time, and our problems won't be that much of a big deal :)