Monday, December 17, 2007

The Redeemed Church and It's Auditorium

The News of 11th December 2007 wrote an article under the above caption last week tuesday. The article has generated extensive debates and drawn significant ire from Nigerians who in typical fashion love to debate, deliberate and adjudicate. Nothing wrong with that and I will like to make my own contributions by stating what I consider to be the facts below:

1) I have tried to get the source of this N7.7b (which The News did not quote). I don’t have it yet. And so I realize that it is based on this unsubstantiated figure many have passed judgment already. (If you are reading and you have a verifiable source, please do let me know)

2) The report says, the auditorium is floored with Marble! I was there on Saturday; I looked for marble but found none. What I saw was - a few metres just in front of the altar floored with Interlocking stones. The rest of the auditorium (about 90%) wasn’t even floored at all; except to say it was floored with sand – red earth. How do I know, I had to wash my dusty feet when I got home.

3) The structure of the auditorium is simply – Pillars, holding up a roof, no walls, no partitioning. This same space has been used for the church convention for many years; the only difference is that now it is covered – at the top – to keep out the sun in the afternoon and some of the cold at night. Also there are enough lights for everyone to read and see clearly. I looked at the whole structure again; I am neither an architect nor a builder, so pardon me; but I did not see N7.7b.

4) Some people have said that RCCG and Adeboye do not need one million people to gather together for any sound reason…. And I tend to agree.

But Maybe God does have a reason. The world has the same millions who gather in the world today as they worship football, Hollywood idols, music stars, and other false Gods. These same millions that Revelation 4: 11 declares are created to worship God.

The only thing we can give to God is worship. In heaven that is what they do now, and that is what we will do when we get there. I strongly believe God is pleased when tens, hundreds, thousand or millions of those who love Him, gather together here and give him pleasure by worshipping him.

5) Whatever amount was used on this building, some believe it should have been used to feed the poor. That’s what they told Mary too when she bought expensive perfume and poured it on Jesus feet. They would have preferred if she had brought the money to them so they could give it to the poor. But Jesus immediately rebuked them and confirmed his right to receive worship, even if it costs money.

In addition to this, I am glad to say that the church does take care of the poor – scholarships, rehabilitation of Area boys/ prostitutes, rent and so on, are provided from the centre and by each Parish to the best of its ability.

I respect Pastor Adeboye for one major reason – his humility. I have heard him preach a message and come back months later to say that He now has a deeper understanding and retract what he earlier said. I have seen people give him gifts and have seen him immediately give them out to others who need them more. I see the simplicity of his lifestyle, his dressing and his possessions. Until I knew him, I thought a preacher had to shout and demonstrate before power can follow his messages; but this man speaks simply and gently and men are moved to repentance and seeking their creator.

No one is perfect and so I would rather pray for him,
  • that God will keep Him from ever going astray;
  • that God will give him more wisdom to execute the daunting task of leadership and
  • that God will continue to make him a respected voice in this generation.


Refinedone said...

Thanks for sharing this....I myself would like to see it for myself...cos for a minute I was very not happy to hear the amount spent. He is a pastor I respect....

Seasons greetings to you and yours.

BroTee said...

Sister D, Thanks for presenting an insider view of this important issue. When I first read about the allegation that N7.7b was used to build an auditorium and other accusation against my Pastor, I was too full of anger to respond in a coherent manner. You have done a good work on the topic. Wherever I come accross the issue again, I will simply post a link to this article so that those that are being fed with lies can cross-check the facts by themself. Shalom

laspapi said...

The world loves ugly rumours. Isn't this the same E.A. Adeboye who gives to others, cars presented to him as gifts?

I don't attend RCCG but think very highly of the man.