Thursday, December 27, 2007


There is the story of one man who foolishly bungled his last chance. He was an armed robber and it was clear to everyone that he deserved to die. No one cared that his destiny was to spend his eternal lifetime burning in hell fire. No one cared that he now felt bad about the things he had done and wished for an opportunity to repent and live his life differently. He was being executed slowly and the pain was unbearable. He wished the pain to end, but it was clear that this end would only bring greater pain and unimaginable torment. He was doomed and it seemed there was no way out.

His cohort and friend was going through the same torture but he saw things differently. They were both hanging on their crosses beside the man called Jesus. His friend decided to take a chance.

He would never be baptized, take Holy Communion, attend a church service or witness to a lost soul. He would never be able to give tithes or offerings, read his bible or dress like a Christian. He would not have a chance to obey the Ten Commandments to prove that he loved the Lord.

But then a thought crossed his mind. How many people, at that moment, had the Saviour of the universe so close to them? He saw a divine opportunity, a last chance and he decided to take it. He turned to Jesus and with the knowledge of the fact that this man could actually save his soul, he said…

“Lord, remember me when you come into your kingdom….”

He expected to be ignored, rebuked, rejected; but rather the same Jesus who had at one time confided in His disciples “If anyone comes to me, I will in no wise cast him out.”

Also now replied him by saying

Assuredly, I say to you, today you will be with me in Paradise” Luke 23: 42

A couple of hours later, this man marched boldly with Jesus into heaven for all eternity.

Sadly, His friend was escorted into hell also, for all eternity. He had been at the border of His miracle but he didn’t see it.

Talk about seizing the moment…

2008 is another opportunity, another chance for us to live our purpose, to expand our vision and enlarge the place of our tent. To deepen our relationship with God and become all we are meant to be. Let’s prepare to seize the moment

I wish you all a Happy New Year in Advance….

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Oracle said...

He used a golden opportunity